3 Entrepreneurs Myths That Stop You From Launching Onlineg Program

digital-marketing-online-marketing-1497211.jpgThere is a lot of talk out there about launching online and how you have to have a BIG list, a finished program ready to go, be highly skilled in marketing and have a big team FIRST!

Guess what? This is not entirely true.

While having a big list, a complete program ready to go, great marketing skills and a team DO help you have bigger launches, it IS NOT mandatory before you can launch.

The reality is there ARE ways to get started right away to launch your program.

And you do have a desire to launch a program now, don’t you?

MYTH #1: You have to wait until you have a big email list

REALITY: It obviously helps to have a big list, but you can actually build a big list by having a launch. You simply need a system to be able to capture emails and be able build your list before you get started.

How do you do that?

You build partnerships with other entrepreneurs who are reaching the people that you can serve with your programs. In building partnerships you can reach way more people than you can ever reach alone.

MYTH #2: You have to have a finished program ready to go

REALITY: You don’t have to wait to for your program to be finished in fact it’s better when you don’t have it ready.

Why? What if nobody wants it as is and you just spent a lot of time creating it before seeing if it would even sell.

All you need is an outline of what you plan to cover in your training and be able to highlight all the benefits for someone whose problem you can solve. Then, when it sells, you know people are highly interested in it and create the training that you have outlined.

(This is recommended for simple teleseminar style trainings where you already have expertise in the material that you will share.)

MYTH #3: You have to be highly skilled in marketing first

REALITY: Marketing is about connecting with the people who need what you have. If you have a template or roadmap to follow that guides you through exactly in a launch plan then you will be shown what to put in place and how.

You don’t have to know how to do that in advance if you invest in a launch training course. Following the system will guide you as you go to create what you need to launch successfully.