Wealthy Affiliate Review 2015

Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Ranking: A +

Price: Free starter membership/ premium membership $19 first month/$47 thereafter

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: Same name as company


Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence more than 10 years and is THE most comprehensive, complete, and informative site of its kind anywhere.

There’s great support from the owners as well as other members. Information and support is available that will take even the most inexperienced affiliate marketer to where they want to be, from building websites, to identifying markets, to making money and more.

It is set up like an online university with layers and layers of information, including boot camps, that can be done at one’s own pace, and reviewed as often as needed. There are ample opportunities to make money online, help others do the same, as well as some additional perks.



  • Very thorough
  • Easy access to info and support
  • Easy to understand and follow instruction
  • Lots of feedback
  • Very transparent
  • No pressure
  • Free trial premium membership
  • Extremely affordable
  • Revenue sharing plan
  • No contracts–cancel any time


  • Can be a lot of work
  • No one to do the work for me
  • Always something new to learn
  • Wish I found this much sooner


Anyone can benefit.It is for anyone who wants to start his or her own business without having to spend a lot of money, and who wants to start generating income as quickly as possible.

It’s good for anyone who is willing to put in the time to learn and take the necessary steps to succeed.

Whether someone is a beginner, intermediate or advanced in the world of affiliate marketing, this program will meet them exactly where they are and take them to the next level and whatever levels they choose to go to.


There are several levels of online training, that includes hands-on training while you learn, that are re-enforced by videos (such as how to create a website in 30 seconds or less) made by the owners. The levels range from novice beginner to advanced. Any and all levels can be explored by all.

There are boot-camps that focus on different aspects, all of which are encouraged to take advantage of, none of which are mandatory.

Live chat is available 24/7 for if/when someone is stuck.


Support is very timely, usually within minutes. There is also the opportunity to directly contact anyone who is part of the program, including the owners who will always respond as soon as possible. The owners will always respond within 3 days, if not sooner.


Membership is absolutely 100% free to begin. For the first 7 days, free membership includes nearly all the benefits of premium membership, which includes full access to support and some of the training.

When the 7 days are up, membership can continue for free, which includes 2 free websites, but free membership after 7 days does not include support and training.

There are two levels of membership: Free and premium.

Premium membership is encouraged. With 7 days free membership that includes nearly all the benefits of premium membership, there is plenty of time to get a feel for how the program works and what to expect, and ultimately make an informed decision.

Premium membership is $19 for the first month and $47 per month after that. Yearly membership is also available which includes a discount from the monthly rate.

Because it is an affiliate marketing program, members can earn a commission for referring new members, which can reduce or eliminate the membership fee.